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More Pix at the Shooting gallery
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Thursday, 10 July 2008
ImageThe Tatts European Tour 2008 is coming to an end next weekend in Spain.
We are proudly to present a few more shots from the road at the mighy gallery!
So check out Mick Cocks on a Pub(lic)-Viewing tour in Prague, with his mate Marcel, who took some pix of the show as well.
Or Chris, who saw and shot the boys at the Download Festival. And of course the H-Team, who caught up with the Boys at a rainy friday in Berlin, to take some Pix at the beautifull Citadelle Open Air!
If this not enough for ya, we already promise you a few surprises coming up in the next days!
So watch out for a Backstage Special with a couple of cool and funny MotorTatts shots!
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