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Jailhouse Rock at the Maitland Gaol
Written by David Williams   
Sunday, 15 March 2009

by David Williams

The Maitland Gaol show was a mixture of hot rods, bikes, tattoo
competitions & rock n' roll bands - suiting the Tatts perfectly,
probably similar to the shows the boys do in Europe; it was a hot day,
so the beers were flowing constantly amongst the predominantly male
biker crowd (there were plenty of females); a few local & interstate
bands were on the bill, Heroes (local legends here in Newcastle) were
good to hear again, a local AC/DC tribute band delivered a great set,
which the crowd really got into, Lawless Breed (ex Black Label) were on
before the Tatts, & were well received - then there were of course the
strippers, who we missed, while chatting to the Tatts back stage - but
it sounded like they were good!

The Tatts came on to generous applause, to a rowdy, well behaved crowd;
Angry was in fine form with the usual rants on politics, religion, etc,
the band were on song; the usual set, & the inclusion of Butcher (which
they hadn't done for a while?) & included an extended solo from Mick -
awesome; all the favourites were there, Outlaw, Bad boy, Remedy, One of
the boys (as the opener), Scarred for life & 2 or 3 off Blood Bros; the
crowd of course demanded an encore, which they got... It was good to see
many young fans being exposed to some real rock n' roll; hopefully
they'll keep the show in their memories & will keep RnR alive in the
future - as there's so much rubbish out there!

A happy crowd eventually left the premises, for a party at the local
bike club house; a great day, there should be more of these events in
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