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R.I.P. - Mick Cocks
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Tuesday, 22 December 2009



Angry Anderson, 35 years a Tatt, a live review by David Williams
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Monday, 14 December 2009

ImageAngry Anderson '35 years a Tatt' was a great show; just Angry centre stage on a bar stool (sometimes used as a drinks table), either side were Dai (Daffyd?) Pritchard (the most wicked sounding slide guitar I've heard in a while & acoustic) guitar & Randall Waller (mulit-linguist, adjudicator & database of information - including translator - I didn't know 'bon-Ami' was Mexican for cleaning product?) Both also provide backing vocals & witty interludes, & damn fine playing. Angry treated us to a history lesson for each of the tracks featured: songs included, Bad boy, Outlaw, (Bad boy was not considered the definitive track to represent the Tatts sound, as explained by Angry - but it was 'Outlaw ' that established the Tatts style) - continuing...,also played were I wish, Branded, Scarred, Beaten, Butcher & House of Pain, but the highlights (for me anyway) Stuck on you, with a very emotional Angry describing how the song came into being, with a simple blues riff played by Pete Wells in the Alberts studio on his dobro guitar, the producers (Vanda & Young) requesting the band play on & put some lyrics to it - bang, 'Stuck on you' is born, tonight it bought a few tears to a few of us long term fans - a haunting track, particularly the second half of the track, great chords. Best moment I thought was 'Once in a lifetime' from 'Blood Brothers', Angry reminding us the song was a sort of memorial to Pete, similar to Outlaw, it has an enormously powerful chorus & key change, the boys nailed it tonight! A small but appreciative crowd were on hand to witness this 'different' view of the Tatts music (it's only a small, but intimate venue), but they were sent on an emotional ride, lots of humour, plenty of educational quips (thanks to Randall) a history lesson, & some reminders of the long list of Tatts members who have succumbed to illness over the years. A DVD should be made of these shows & played on prime time TV to educate the public on what a genuine guy Angry is & to give the masses an insight into one of the most important Aussie rock n' roll bands in history...

Story for A concert for Mick Cocks
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Thursday, 30 July 2009

By Glenn Ware 
The show could have been called 'Live and Loud' because that's what it was! On  Friday July 24th  2009, the Australian music community performed a benefit show called  'One of the Boys'  for  Rose Tattoo  guitarist & founding member Mick Cocks at the Enmore Theatre. Mick has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Rose Tattoo has had a tragic past. Band members Pete Wells died from prostate cancer in March, 2006; Ian Rilen died from bladder cancer 6 months later & temporary member Lobby Loyde died from lung cancer in 2007...

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