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New Online Interviews with Angry
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Saturday, 23 June 2007

ImageYouŽll find a video interview with Angry, done on the prensent GNR Tour in Australia at or on

Annie's Viglielmo added 2 parts of her interview with Angry done on the last European tour to ItŽll give you a very good idea of Angry as man, songwriter, musician and a good idea of the band.
The part 3 is coming soon and will be about the aboriginal  and the white cultur in Australia - a big program! 

Questions & Answers update
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Wednesday, 20 June 2007
ImageHi Folks, thanks for all the questions we got in for our Q and A thing so far,weŽve already collected more than a hundred. Right now the band is very busy on the road touring Australia with  Guns'N'Roses, so please be patient, till everybody will have the time to answer your requests. Please take notice, that the intension of the question and answer thing is, to collect any of your serious requests about the band and the members, so that we  could set up an interesting interview to release for everybody on this site! If you like to post regards or just want to say hello, please write that in the  guestbook. The band members are checking your entries! Regarding your questions of upcoming Shows and tourplans, we are trying to fulfill your wishes and the band would love to play especially in the UK and America again. But touring today is an expensive thing, so we are forced to see if the promoters, bookers and record companies could offer us the support we need, to get these journeys done. So please be patient and check back the Tourdates on this site, we will inform you as soon something is coming up. We are working on it folks!
Welcome back Geordie
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Sunday, 03 June 2007

Image Angry and the band are proud to announce that Geordie Leach will fit in for Steve King,  doing the upcoming Guns'N'Roses shows and ill probably do the summer dates in Europe!

So, give good old Geordie a big toast! Good to see you back again!

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