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astra wally    20 October 2008 19:09
hey R T you guys still rock harder than any other band i know of. would anyone be offended if i start a tribute band in the U.K??? 100% ROCKIN F**KIN ROLL

Chris    19 October 2008 12:07
I just recently dicovered you guys and you're f**king awesome!!!You are now my favorite band and hope you'll come to Buffalo N.Y. sometime!!Thanks for the great REAL music...

paulab38    10 October 2008 15:58
Hey guys,
just wondering if you will be doing any more shows with the Angels? Can't make it to the Forum 'cos I will be away for that week and I'm spittin' that I have to miss out!!

Hannes    08 October 2008 03:18
Hey Boys,
big greets from Germany. I had a great Time at your last concert here in Munich!
Hopefully you guys will come back to Germany next year!
Love your music and it helped me a lot in my life!
Keep on Rocking and Angry rules the World!!!

tracee(snowqueen)    29 September 2008 12:59
Is anyone going down to Selinas from newcastle-raymond terrace way on the 1st,maybe we can travel together?

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