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HEATHER    25 September 2009 14:23
I love you guys,havn't seen you in a long time...but goin to the show in newcastle..lookin forward to it...

Chris    21 September 2009 17:52
How do i change a shirt i brought at the village green on saturday over to a bigger size, they are a small sized large. Can anyone help?

lesleyblood    21 September 2009 16:40
I was at the Prince Of Wales gigs...16th Sept.
anyway...I put a few bits and pieces up on youtube
lesleyblood1....Riley was great.....good night

CJ WILLIAMS    18 September 2009 01:58
At the Hallam show I met a guy named Ian but my friend and I left before I could pass on my number I know he may be attending the Village Green Gig so if anyone knows Ian please pass on my email ty

CJ WILLIAMS    18 September 2009 01:33
I just got home from the show at Hallam Hotel im 39 and first time i have been out in about 20 years I had the most awesome night of my life and I have never seen Rose Tattoo but Im sure it will become a habit this is definitely a show not to be missed. And Angry still has it going on after all these years

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