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CJ WILLIAMS    18 September 2009 01:33
I just got home from the show at Hallam Hotel im 39 and first time i have been out in about 20 years I had the most awesome night of my life and I have never seen Rose Tattoo but Im sure it will become a habit this is definitely a show not to be missed. And Angry still has it going on after all these years

Roger Saretta    17 September 2009 16:24
Hi Mick, I've only just heard about you health. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.I've still got fond memories of you . mick brandon and myself jamming in my garage in Fairfield back in the early 70's. Good times. all the best and God bless. Roger

dave    17 September 2009 09:12
almost exactly 30 years ago today (tonight?) a few of us were at a Tatts gig in the Newcastle area; significant because it may have been the first of the 4 piece era with Lobby on bass, also significant because it was the night of the Star Hotel riot in the city of Newcastle - after the Tatts we ventured into the city to catch whatever live show we could, only to be told by the cops to go home, the city is in lock down; was anyone else in the region at this time that can remember these events?

paco    11 September 2009 21:14
Hope to see you in France next year !!
keep on rockin'

chris    11 September 2009 16:17
cannot wait to see you guys smash shags saturday night in cairns.....real music saldy missed, keep going guys

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