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thundercat    16 October 2010 14:44
Hey, angry what about lookin into singin some SAHB, Sensational Alex Harvey Band! 70,s Rock/blues check it out! I reckon you could carry it off wi style!!!!

Mac MacIver    16 October 2010 14:17
Just checked Wikipedia and you not got a mention as support to Richie blackmore or rainbow, is that a typo or a well placed fuck you ??????

Macdonald    16 October 2010 13:03
Saw You supporting "Rainbow"1980ish @ edinburgh ,scotland!I was there for you,and was disappointed with the sound qaulity but realised it was Blackmores fault!!!!!! Still enjoyed tho!Come back to Scotland and advertise thru MCN bike mag,gaurenteed sell out!lovin it !! Mac

Mac MacIver    16 October 2010 12:43
Went to the Ingliston agri hall to see YOU supportin :Rainbow: in the 80's was givin it yea ha but Blackmore fucked the sound!!!! felt cheated with the big boys of the time... Please come back to Scotland and publiscise it thru the bike community (MCN) and it will be a sell out guarenteed

Phillip Davis    07 October 2010 21:35
Bring on the Tatts

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