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Tissekik    06 April 2008 05:12
Saw angry in Kabul today. little fellow, big artist. Awesome. And by the way Angry, it was NOT beer you were drinking there. It was something German. Sorry.

Paul Zagabria    29 March 2008 09:32
Hi Guys
I wanted to get a Tattoo of
the two headed snake only
of the 25 to life CD.
Is this ok with you guys?

Regards Paul

justin    08 March 2008 19:21
Angry, to hear that you will be doing the europe tour again this year will make the high light of the year. 7 years of living over seas and missing oz rock like nothing else.

joeri    07 March 2008 02:23
See you guys at the front row at Graspop Metal Meeting!
Like the guy onder me already said: you better play in a small venue to create a better atmosphere here.
Keep on rockin'

daverock    04 March 2008 01:13
Hail to rock'n'roll kings,
It's so great that you will come to us in Belgium. But,please,please,please, if you want to rock your fans, do it properly by doing one more date in a small venue. A true Tatts'fan wants a full Tatts' gig. I want to greet you again.
I'm yours faithfully,

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