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Ieva    25 August 2009 03:01
Love Your music since the first time I heard it. It would be awesome if You come to play in Lithuania. We really need music like Yours in here.

julie butterworth    17 August 2009 00:32
Hi Mick, My friend and i went to sydney for the Enmore show and you looked so happy, show was brilliant, and hope you are doing well,
love julesxx
irish catholic

Danny Dtrouble Aresu    16 August 2009 04:49
I really hope that one day The Rose Tattoo`s will come and play some gigs in Sweden.
I heard you guys only been in Sweden one time, i dont know if its true...But one thing i know is that we are many who would like too see ya back in sWeDeN..mumch love boys

Angelo    31 July 2009 01:54
I hope that the Tatt'S will tour in Germany again.I would love to see the best band in the world live.

God bless the Tatt's
Mick you willwin this fight

Greets from Germany

Tracey Kay    29 July 2009 18:47
Hello Mick ! The last time we were in each others company was atleast 7 years ago. I was with Anny Douglass and Jane piper (Chris Pipers sister). We were at a gig in Annerly and I remember seeing Steve Lucas and a line up without Ian on stage. Anyway, caught up with Steve and had some fun. We then headed to a pub up the road where we ran into you and Ian. Then Steve showed up and we all sat around for a few hours telling tales of pleasure and pain from the past and of the 'now'. We all had some laughs. What a hoot for me to be in the company of you three at the same time after so long. I was in the company of pals, friends and lovers ( except you as a lover which I have always intended to alter by the way) I was glad to check the three of you out as older men and none of you disappointed me ! I think you all thought I looked 'a bit of alright ' also. I was the only one not drinking as I had my sisters, Shell (Michelle Kay) car. Anyway, I have always preferred the weed as all the other stuff made me take my top off at parties!!!! but I still have a cheeky nature with small cgroups of people. My daughter is a cool City of Sydney woman and is 30 years of age now. She is beautiful inside and out. I am recently recovering from cancer myself. I am lucky to be walking and odds were againt me to be here. I have a wee while to go yet to get on with my life. I have been away from the hand on music scene for along time but I was into a particular form of theatre over the last 9 years. I looked after my mum for years and am recently single. I am living a gypsy lifestyle until I get a working life happening again and decide where my new home will be. At the moment I am houseboatsitting on Norman Creek in the City of Brisbane. So my darling, I hope you get a laugh and some lovin' from my letter. Love to you and bye for now from Tracey Kay

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