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jerose63    27 May 2008 15:39
angry...took my youngest daughter to her first tatts show at terrigal friday night she had a ball right up the front up on the bar head banging away it was great been following ya's for 32yrs you's are still the best

Jenny    23 May 2008 13:23
Part of my mother's day pressie was a 'surprise' and boy what a surprise it was. After dinner at a local Thai I thought my daughter and her fiance were taking me home. Rick must know a short cut I thought at first but then realised we were on route to the Workers. Why? They were taking me to see my beloved Tatts. Best present ever - had a great time. I miss Pete heaps but Angry you are still special! Out in the car park going home I said wonder if I should write to Angry and see if he wants to be my partner at your wedding - no response from the betrothed couple - well you can't blame a girl for trying.

Samara    22 May 2008 17:02
Angry, I'm concerned about the allegations regarding your reluctance to refute the belief that it was you who passed information about Tania Zaetta to the ADF and the media.

It would really make a difference if you came out and denied it outright. With such a serious accusation, you can't play coy and call yourself a non-moralist here. This sort of thing doesn't make either of you look good. In fact, it makes you look as though you got busted and you're busy backpedalling.

If you didn't do it, then just say it. If you did do it, then I hope you can at least explain and justify why because that sort of behaviour sucks, mate.

Bella    20 May 2008 10:55
Hey Angry you are a true Aussie legend both in your music and community service. Great new album, when will you be doing gigs in melbourne. Love what you do..

Fitz    17 May 2008 23:30
Boys, when the hell did the Lithgow gig get canceled. Just spent 3 hours driving up there and back. Will have to drive for a few hours again next week to try to catch you up or down the coast.

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