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Phillip Davis    23 September 2010 10:56
Thats right Dave,this is my favorite band,for over thirty years,hurts a bit when people start knocking Angry,just remember Angry has done a lot for his country.

dave    21 September 2010 15:41
Rob, Wentworthville; strong words; but let's keep this a music related comments page!

Glen Woolsey    15 September 2010 20:23
I was going thru my record collection, in particular the old vinyl singles & came across a kind of classic that needs re-releasing. It's called
"CALLING". For any old Tatts fans out there from the 70's & 80's, such as myself would possibly know this tune from 1986.

Phillip Davis    13 September 2010 20:04
I think Angry is just angry with the labor party at the moment,and let Angry down in his beliefs of what the labor party should be,so he had to make a stand,lets face it the labor party did fuck up on a lot of issues.Politics aside Angry Anderson is a good man hes got a heart of gold.

Rob    13 September 2010 15:08
A belated comment re Angry's ads for the Liberal Party last month.

I've been a Tatts fan for 30 years plus - part of the appeal for me was always the strong anti-establishment aspect. The band knew injustice when they saw it and said so.

You know "there's a law for the rich, law for the poor" and so on.

Unfortunately the Liberals are and always will represent the Establishment, the bosses, the rich. Private schools, private health - the whole bit.

You sang 'Union Man' right? - What about Workchoices mate?!

Angry - you are a fool and a fraud.

Rob, Wentworthville

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