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Reid Schirmer    23 October 2007 18:11
Thank you so much guys for coming to the Acacia Ridge Hotel, Brisbane last Friday night. Rose Tattoo were the very first band I saw live as a young teenager (24 years ago) and I was able to re-live one of my most treasured memories again on Friday night. Much appreciated.

dave    23 October 2007 15:19
excerpt from BEAT on-line magazine; review of Tatts (Motorhead support – the Forum)

…but arrived in time to see Rose Tattoo belting out Rock'n'Roll Outlaw. Angry has his classic lurching pose, his billiard ball pate, tatts and quintessentially nuggety frame as commanding as ever – and you can almost forget his tenure as Ray Martin's Ordinary Aussie in Residence on the Midday Show years ago. The Tatts remain hard core dudes – if Mick Cocks wasn't playing guitar he'd be serving time for something involving violence – and their contemporary outlaw status is affirmed by the incongruity of 50 and 60 year old guys making such a classic pub rock racket. Age has wearied them just a tiny bit, but the Tatts are still on top of their game.

Bruce Hams    18 October 2007 11:17
Gday Boys......Just asking if there is any chance of the band coming back to the usa in the near future?

Ambien    17 October 2007 20:10
Hi there! ambien Waiting for you!

Dave    16 October 2007 13:20
the Newcastle Civic Theatre show was great, all 3 bands provided the best RnR line up this country has seen in years; a great advert for Marshall;
As a bonus, I got to meet the Webmaster - enjoy Oz

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