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Frank    29 April 2008 16:54
Angry! Please tell me you're going to make an appearance at the Sydney Saxon show!

Jesse    28 April 2008 22:51
Rose Tattoo,

Please come back to New Zealand and do a proper fucking tour! We're only $120 bucks worth of a flight away! I'll even shout the bloody beers.

Rose Tattoo 2008 NZ tour
Deal Mate? Haha fucking aye.

michael o'connell    21 April 2008 05:13
Best of Australia Europe 2009.
Rose Tattoo
The ANGELS w Doc
The Screaming Jets
Kings Of The Sun.
Starting at warners Norton Grange Hallets Shute Isle Of Wight.
Thanks for pondering over it ticket prices for other 7 uk dates 30 bound to earn for a change Angry.

Holger Lehn    18 April 2008 04:21
Hi Tatts,

we are looking forward to the gigs in germany, special in Aschaffenburg.

Tatts Forever

Shelley Michelle Woo    11 April 2008 22:03
hey guys!!! wow cant believe it .... missed you last year cause of the saxon show dates that got moved ... so think i am staying til sunday at download now!!! woooh! see ya down the front! any chance you gonna do rock and blues bike show again? i fookin loved that show you did as it was my first rose tattoo show! :o) see you in summer! shell x

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