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Barry O'hagan    30 June 2010 05:44
Anybody help here? I was at the Marquee show in 81 in London and managed to get into a few photos taken at that gig (unbeknown at the time of the gig).Those pics later ended up on the sleeve notes of the Decade Of Rock album, I was in a Woolworths in Sydney and nearly fell over when I saw myself. Anybody know where I can hold of those photos? I think one of them ended up as the cover to 'All the Lessons'

Cheers, Barry

Steve / OAS][S_A_T_A    24 June 2010 18:54
G'day guy's love your music.
So much that we would like to use your song "We can't be beaten" as our gaming clans Official Song.
Please contact me and visit our website "".
OAS = Odd Angry Shot
Our Emblem is the Patch from "Stone"
Please contact me to allow you full access to our website.

Roland    24 June 2010 14:49
Very good site!

RUBEN    15 June 2010 05:25
thanks rose tatto for your music and congratulations for these years of the beast rock and roll.your friend ruben.until forever

Andrew    12 June 2010 20:00
Excellent site!

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