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tracieandjenny    28 August 2007 12:29
Saw you guys play in Sydney with Guns N Roses you guys rocked can't wait to see you play with Motorhead in Brisbane

Felix    25 August 2007 23:01
I had a really good time at the Motorcycle Jamboree. When I see you guys on stage I am not afraid of getting old anymore.

Thank you so much!

Eira Wylie    24 August 2007 16:34
Hi Guys,

Can someone please confirm if Rose Tattoo are performing with Motorhead in New Plymouth NZ on the 19th Oct. The web site says RT are in Queensland but Motorhead site and tickets to concert say that they are playing with Motorhead in New Plymouth.
I hope they are really want to see them again.
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Sorry Eira, the boys won´t play in New Zealand with Motörhead. They´re doing Acacia Ridge and Surfers Paradise on their own, like it is released at the shows section!

Ryanne    18 August 2007 05:21
Very nice and interesting Page! Greetings from Germany

sebbe    16 August 2007 20:11
you guys fucking rule!!!! you're gonna open for motörhead in australia, and thats super, apart from that i dont live in australia. so thats why i wonder: cant you open for motörhead on their upcoming european tour as well?

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