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marciaj    06 December 2007 15:55
hi tatts keep rockin' as you said rock'n'roll is king!cant wait for my ears to tingle again

michael o'connell    26 November 2007 09:44
had broadband connected friday.saw Tatts TV easily looking forward to dvds.any from Dudley JBs on your 57th birthday Angry.

Lucie K    21 November 2007 13:08
No doubt you'll rock my home town (W'gong) in Dec. 100% Rock n Roll baby - can't wait, definitely worth the flight over !!!!
ps - when are you playing NZ next?

Barry James    13 November 2007 19:37
Since 1978 down the Stagedoor Tavern, Bondi Lifesaver & Selinas i have witnessed the Tatts make me proud to be an Aussie with their unpretentious bluesy aussie rock.
Was there at the start & i will be there at the end.
See you all at WIN Stadium on the 15th of Dec when Angry & the boys do us proud.

jamesy boy    13 November 2007 02:24
hey fellow tatt fans. anyone know of tour dates around melbourne or brisbane in after dec 9th please e-mail me. 100% rockin fuckin roll

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