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the Novo    21 May 2009 07:41
could we please have updates on Mick's health? There are many concerned fans (& friends) out there!!

Flo    16 May 2009 09:36
Shit, Blood brothers is ... waouhhh
Angry sings like never he did before : Truer than ever it was not be able to do it.
Mouhaha : I'm still and again the teenager I was before when I hear "1854", "Sweet meat", "Man about town", "Black eyed bruiser", "Creeper" ...
Humm, all songs finally :)
And what to say moreover in connection with its vocal performance on "City blues" guys ? Humm, there's nothing to say, really not. It's perfect !
He's fabulous, incredible !!!! I do not know enough superlatives in French and even less in English to describe what I feel when he sings.
But without music a singer, even if he is one of the greatest I could hear, is nothing, so lets talk about the music :
the sound, this sound ... The best great fucking bluesy rock that I haven't hear since so many years !!!
Here is a rock'n'roll loud and hard with raw sauce mixed with spices of blues : a pure dynamite.
I've now 40 years old and my son loves rock'n roll too and plays guitar since 3 years. His prefer band is ACDC.
But I'm sure that Tatts will become the one with this marvellous "Blood brothers".
And sorry to all for my bad english ...
Long live to rock'n roll, Australia and Tatts !!!
Great thanks for all your music but still continue to give us such an amount of pleasure !
Longue vie Tatts.

Michael    08 May 2009 08:16
Sitting in a bar in Adelaide.
Rob Riley.
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fiona broekman    04 May 2009 19:41
THANKS GUYS.Im there for both Melbourne gigs.So excited.

fiona broekman    03 May 2009 19:35
Hanging out to see you boys play in Melb...When are you boys coming home???? Need to play at the Prince of Wales again.Now that would be cool.

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