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Michelle    26 April 2011 11:40
Was at the ZZ Top concert last night in Wollongong.
I've been a fan of Rose Tattoo for years. Being in the front row and could see everything
I foung it really vile and sickening to see Angry spitting large globs of flem on stage where ZZ
Top were going to perform next. All die hard fans will probably rip me to shreds but that is mild compared to watching wads of flem fly out of your idols excuse.

mark    23 April 2011 09:56
Great show the other might in Melbourne! Keep it up.

David    22 April 2011 20:48
Tatts were great with ZZ Top, Newcastle, April 20, mainly tracks from Scarred for life, 'Juice on the loose' was a stand out!

Tracee Andrews    18 April 2011 15:02
Brothers & Sisters...... If u didn't make it to Murphy's Creek u missed a awesum night. Well done to Angry & the Boys. :)

rachel o'sullivan    17 April 2011 01:42
last week i went to bootcamp and angry anderson was there for about four days we talked alot and i joked around with him it was fun having him there wish i can hang with him again xoxo

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