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scotty    03 October 2011 08:20
Climate change is as real as cancer.No planet=no life.Liberal national climate plan will cost nearly 10times more than your homework you morons.I want a real future for my children and grandchildren.Call Malcom Turnbulls office and ask how much per tone of carbon lib.nats plan will cost taxpayers.Rose tattoo are now a symbol of ignorance and stupidity.small minded bogans!

Scotty    03 October 2011 07:52
Angry Anderson joins the national party?when I was a kid you signed an autograph for me.It said 'stay young' seems like you could use a little bit of your own advice.I have lost all respect for you.Conservative right wing politics?hardly the stuff of a'rock n roll outlaw'.You are a joke angry.You are now a bad boy for Abbott!

Rhiannon Smith    24 September 2011 09:16
http://Rose Tattoo
hi Rose Tattoo
i love to dance and sing to your songs and i love watching you on dvd from your fan Rhiannon

BOB    14 September 2011 10:52
It will be the largest desalination plant in Australia , The town of Wonthaggi in country Victoria will host Rose Tattoo with No Mandate to build such a project lets hope the boys talk about Privatisation

Jerrold    11 September 2011 01:41
Good luck! Thank you.

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