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mark o`neill    18 November 2011 12:08
I have been a fan of rose tattoo since i first herd them back in 1980, what i can not under stand is time and time again they shoot them selves in the foot, now we have another line up change with rockin rob being replaced with another fill in,unbealeavable,

nuzn    18 November 2011 06:25
Belgium is not only waiting for a government, but also for you guys! Maybe we can get both if you decide to stay for a few years. Tatts rule!

emsy    12 November 2011 23:52
you guys ROCKED The Burvale tonight. thanks heaps for a great night. Angry you made my dream come true with a hug and kiss. thank you :)

Ade Rutter    11 November 2011 04:28
I've decided to take part in Movember in remembrance of Pete Wells. Would love to see you guys back in europe and UK again soon!

ron    09 November 2011 20:47
Are there plans for an European tour in 2012?
Specially in Holland :-)

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