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craig    17 May 2011 12:14
just scored a dvd, tatts live 1982 at savoy centre, cork. angry, pete, digger, geordie and absolute classic.

Jasmine Batey    03 May 2011 23:58
my name is jasmine batey and im really trying to get in contact with Angry Anderson,
you see im organising this rock concert to raise money and wanted to talk to him about it!
so if you get this please email me!!
Jasmine xx

sammy    03 May 2011 13:46
I been a fan from day 1 & I really wish the Rose Tattoo would come to Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada they're are the only band now day's that are keeping rock & roll Raw & the only way it should sound like they're is no more good rock & roll any more!!! I getting sick of this corporate cow shit rock & roll that they are trying to feed me !!!

james miller    30 April 2011 06:36
please when are you guys comming back to the uk been far to long

Michelle    26 April 2011 11:40
Was at the ZZ Top concert last night in Wollongong.
I've been a fan of Rose Tattoo for years. Being in the front row and could see everything
I foung it really vile and sickening to see Angry spitting large globs of flem on stage where ZZ
Top were going to perform next. All die hard fans will probably rip me to shreds but that is mild compared to watching wads of flem fly out of your idols excuse.

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