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Dave    31 December 2011 05:28
today would've been Pete's 65th birthday, miss the big fella!

Greg    28 December 2011 15:17
Greetings all. Wishing Herco, the band and crew, and all of the fans a healthy, happy new year. Best wishes, Greg.

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Bruno Gwerder    14 December 2011 04:34
Hallo Rose Tattoo
Do you still remember coming to Muotathal in Switzerland?
We were very happy to hear that you guys are playing live together once again.
Everyone here in Muotathal often think about the day when the great "Rose Tattoo" played in our little village and it is often spoken about in our music club.
We are very proud to have be able to present the band and are ever hopeful that you might one day be able to spend some more time in our village and play for us again.
We wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year.

Sound & Fassfreunde from Muotathal, Switzerland

Gina    26 November 2011 21:49
YOU are wanted in EUROPE!! It's time to start planning a new tour, guys :)

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