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Mischelle - A Lennon    24 March 2011 10:33
Shame on you Angry Anderson..Supporting Toxic Tony and the climate deniers shuttled in on a Tea Party style right wing crazy bus!! I have lost ALL respect for you. You are nothing more than a sexist neo con power tripper..Every single person in my family and circle of friends who have been deceived by you are appalled at your support of Tony Abbott's insane climate denial.

God help us.

Bernie Cleary    23 March 2011 22:36
how could you rally with the climate deniers, the whining Hansen, and the other fossils. Do you want clean air?

Bernie Cleary    23 March 2011 22:30
Loved your music. Only found out today that you are a moron. Try to learn about pollution, and the best ways to stop it.

Megsi    23 March 2011 21:58
Heya guys I just wanna let ya know my Mum raised me on your music and she is the reason I am here right now, she has been feeling so bad for days and she has been gettin real frustrated cos she has trouble now listening to your music it always would cheer her up but nothin seems to make her happy anymore because of her illness. I added her url for her website so if you guys want to check out why.

But you guys really rrock man.

Normie Martin    23 March 2011 19:01
Yep - just so you know - went to buy your latest LP you guys and it went to the Google Diagnose Probs page -hopefully it's because it's overload! Lots of people on the site or summat...:)

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