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jules butterworth    31 May 2009 22:47
Hey Mick, Thinking of you
as a good Irish-Catholic I wish you good health!!

Novo    29 May 2009 14:23
I have the intro to "Assault & Battery" as my ringtone, whenever it rings I'm reminded of Mick's powerhouse rhythm playing - best in the land!!

Bigfootkit    29 May 2009 07:01
To Mick, my very best wishes to you at this difficult time, hope you take hope & strength from the knowlege that you've touched so many people with your music and know we're all rooting for you.
"Can't be defeated, don't know the word...We Can't Be Beaten"

tom    25 May 2009 06:31
Hi Mick,
my greatest hope is that you'll live. Back in the seventies I wanted to commit suicide. The day before I wanted to do it I heard THIS song "Butcher and fast Eddy". I thought about my situation and decided to live. Now I have a wife and three children which I love very much (they all don't know about this). In my opinion you saved my life and I wish I could do something to save yours. So let me wish all the luck to you. I'm on your side. Tatts forever. Tom

the Novo    21 May 2009 07:41
could we please have updates on Mick's health? There are many concerned fans (& friends) out there!!

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