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Dave Newcastle    27 August 2010 10:56
When Angry speaks, people listen! A great spokesperson for most Aussies

twinmaker    19 August 2010 10:37
Angry is allowed to express his views just like anyone else, I really don't think he's the sort of bloke to be anyone's "stooge". If you allow his political views to decide whether you will or will not attend concerts, gigs or buy records, then you are putting your own political views before musical enjoyment and talent.

dave    19 August 2010 10:20
Oh dear, well just saw Angry has become a liberal stooge, don't expect me at any of your gigs or buying any records in the future. Shame.

Twinmaker    18 August 2010 21:01
Just saw the ad for the Liberal Party - well done - I'm so pleased!!

shosh    18 August 2010 20:35
Just saw on tv that Angry has filmed an ad for the Liberal party. Just wanted to voice my disappointment. Rock'n'roll and politics don't mix no mater who you choose to vote for.

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