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justin    10 October 2009 18:14
Saw you boys at Rockhampton after a 5 hour drive a month ago, kick ass i must say. I missed you in holland and germany last year after breaking my foot boozed but the wait was well worth it. You must try to get back up to Qld and do an Airlie Beach gig, were so in need of a decent show it hurts.

HEATHER    25 September 2009 14:23
I love you guys,havn't seen you in a long time...but goin to the show in newcastle..lookin forward to it...

Chris    21 September 2009 17:52
How do i change a shirt i brought at the village green on saturday over to a bigger size, they are a small sized large. Can anyone help?

lesleyblood    21 September 2009 16:40
I was at the Prince Of Wales gigs...16th Sept.
anyway...I put a few bits and pieces up on youtube
lesleyblood1....Riley was great.....good night

CJ WILLIAMS    18 September 2009 01:58
At the Hallam show I met a guy named Ian but my friend and I left before I could pass on my number I know he may be attending the Village Green Gig so if anyone knows Ian please pass on my email ty

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