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GHD Hair Straightene    06 December 2012 11:02
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Christian Louboutin    06 December 2012 11:01
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Roman    05 December 2012 03:57
Hello Rose Tattoo !

When do you play your next time in Wacken/Germany ??
Maybe 2013 ?

Greets from Germany

oiera10    03 December 2012 18:12
И что бы мы делали без вашей блестящей идеи

Peter.    03 December 2012 11:28
Great show at The Middle in Melbourne last weekend bought back memories from when l went and saw the band play in Melbourne back in the 80's.Good to see some of the old members still playing in the band like Geordie,Robin and of course Angry.Songs like Rockin Roll Outlaw, Bad Boy for love, We carn't be Beaten and the list goes on will live on forever.Rose Tattoo will go down in history as one of Australia's best hard rock bands of all time and in my opinion even better than bands like AC/DC and The Angels who were also legendary bands.I am a direct decendant of Peter Lalor and l have met former band member Greg Jordan and l really admire and respect how Angry, and Rose Tattoo have the passion and beliefs of the Eureka Stokade, keep preaching the message of what it represents.l have been a mad fan of the Tatt's for 30 years and l thank past and present band members for producing and playing some of the best music ever.

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