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David C    22 November 2009 00:45
Seen you in action at Scala in London a couple of years ago, a brilliant wee night it has to be said!!

You have to come back to the UK and tour again....perhaps Belfast?

Dutch    20 November 2009 20:02
Gday Fellas -
I've moved to the Darkside of Oz (Perth). I've never seen you guys live, but I'm 44 and hanging out to see you at a gig here. Please come to Perth....we need some rockin'.

dave    19 November 2009 11:40
as you might have already discovered, the link in the message below doesn't work, but the info for Angry's acoustic dates are included in the 'News' section anyway...

dave    19 November 2009 06:19
for fans outside Australia, check out the link for Angry article: ter/1410093955

Chris Hayden    12 November 2009 03:15
Dear lads,please come to England again.I bought the blood brothers cd/dvd,its fucking awesome,all of it ,i cant stop playing or watching.Been fan of yours
since 1980 and seen you a few times but its just not enough.Anyway,if you play on the moon ,i will come and watch you.Take care lads.

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