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Marc Latham    06 May 2012 00:39
Been a fan of Rose Tattoo since the early '80s. Angry is one of the stars of my Werewolf of Oz book (along with Bon, Elle and Cathy); a rock themed comedy-fantasy travel around Australia version of Wizard of Oz. It's free for Amazon Prime customers on Kindle this weekend. Hope you get to read it, and best wishes...

wayne mc dougall    22 April 2012 02:12
I've been trying to find a dvd of pete wells benefit concert at the enmore theatre in sydney.Can anyone let me know where I can find one.

daniel    18 April 2012 18:01
found an old framed autographed pic when angry did a tour with the the party boys back in 86, seems all the signatures are there, wonder if its something pretty unique

Heaven is the only h    29 February 2012 08:31
I'm sorry but this is it......
Sad to say but this was my last visit to this site.
After all these years waiting and hoping for the best........
Thank's for all those years but for me this SITE is buried!!

Jasmine    27 February 2012 00:28
Merci pour le site ! c'est un appétit de décoder des renseignements abasourdissantes

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