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Tracey Kay    29 July 2009 18:47
Hello Mick ! The last time we were in each others company was atleast 7 years ago. I was with Anny Douglass and Jane piper (Chris Pipers sister). We were at a gig in Annerly and I remember seeing Steve Lucas and a line up without Ian on stage. Anyway, caught up with Steve and had some fun. We then headed to a pub up the road where we ran into you and Ian. Then Steve showed up and we all sat around for a few hours telling tales of pleasure and pain from the past and of the 'now'. We all had some laughs. What a hoot for me to be in the company of you three at the same time after so long. I was in the company of pals, friends and lovers ( except you as a lover which I have always intended to alter by the way) I was glad to check the three of you out as older men and none of you disappointed me ! I think you all thought I looked 'a bit of alright ' also. I was the only one not drinking as I had my sisters, Shell (Michelle Kay) car. Anyway, I have always preferred the weed as all the other stuff made me take my top off at parties!!!! but I still have a cheeky nature with small cgroups of people. My daughter is a cool City of Sydney woman and is 30 years of age now. She is beautiful inside and out. I am recently recovering from cancer myself. I am lucky to be walking and odds were againt me to be here. I have a wee while to go yet to get on with my life. I have been away from the hand on music scene for along time but I was into a particular form of theatre over the last 9 years. I looked after my mum for years and am recently single. I am living a gypsy lifestyle until I get a working life happening again and decide where my new home will be. At the moment I am houseboatsitting on Norman Creek in the City of Brisbane. So my darling, I hope you get a laugh and some lovin' from my letter. Love to you and bye for now from Tracey Kay

Barry James    27 July 2009 08:35
God bless the Tatts.
May they keep rockin on forever.

al    25 July 2009 14:07
all you american fans get ready the tatts r coming your way in ocober for 4 weeks

Wayne Harbour    23 July 2009 13:24
I went to the old Croc to the show the other week.
Best show I`ve seen in years..

David Burroughs    22 July 2009 05:06
Hi Mick,
My thoughts and prayers are with you.You kick ass in music and you WILL do the same to fight this.From a big fan in the United States,David

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