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Noel    12 October 2011 04:42
Thank you from Russia.

anthony craig    03 October 2011 19:20
Message for Angry Anderson

before you join the National /Liberals I just want you to know what they did for the Bathurst Electorate. Paul toole was elected to look after local country people small business and families. The O'farell / Stoner government thanked the local community for voting Paul Toole in a national candidate by closuring down Kirkconnell Correctional Centre with the lose of over 60 local jobs plus job cuts at Bathurst and Lithgow Correctional Centre. Also they supported the local comunities of Bathurst Lithgow and Orange by taking out over 10 million dollars. Affecting local families small business and the wider community. So instead of building up lcoal country communities knocking them down. I've joined the DLP Democratic Labor party They support small business country communities famlies and are pro worker pro family and pro life. They don't support the carbon tax, coal steam gas mining on prime farming land or destroying our manufacturing industry. Before you join the nationals there is an alternative and that's the DLP look up our policies at


anthony Craig
17 Malvern Street
Lithgow NSW 2790

scotty    03 October 2011 08:20
Climate change is as real as cancer.No planet=no life.Liberal national climate plan will cost nearly 10times more than your homework you morons.I want a real future for my children and grandchildren.Call Malcom Turnbulls office and ask how much per tone of carbon lib.nats plan will cost taxpayers.Rose tattoo are now a symbol of ignorance and stupidity.small minded bogans!

Scotty    03 October 2011 07:52
Angry Anderson joins the national party?when I was a kid you signed an autograph for me.It said 'stay young' seems like you could use a little bit of your own advice.I have lost all respect for you.Conservative right wing politics?hardly the stuff of a'rock n roll outlaw'.You are a joke angry.You are now a bad boy for Abbott!

Rhiannon Smith    24 September 2011 09:16
http://Rose Tattoo
hi Rose Tattoo
i love to dance and sing to your songs and i love watching you on dvd from your fan Rhiannon

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