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paco    11 September 2009 21:14
Hope to see you in France next year !!
keep on rockin'

chris    11 September 2009 16:17
cannot wait to see you guys smash shags saturday night in cairns.....real music saldy missed, keep going guys

Chris Hayden    10 September 2009 23:46
Hope you boys are going to come over to England in 2010 and kick some rock n roll ass.Ive missed you,and buy the way Blood Brothers is awesome.

kickJohn    08 September 2009 17:04
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Jim    08 September 2009 05:20
Hi guys!
Hope you are planning for a Europe or Scandinavia tour sometime! Would be awesome to get the chance to see you perform live!
Please think about coming to Finland or Sweden in that case so me and my dad can come and watch.
All the luck to you and keep rocking!

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