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Mark Sewell    07 November 2008 12:08
Heard the tatts are a no show for the 2 melbourne gigs tonight & tomorrow night due to angry being crook. Anyone else confirm this. Hopefully the boys canm put on a couple of other melbourne shows for us

al    03 November 2008 12:58
saw the tatts saturday night,they wereon fire best gig i saw in years very tight and professional.The angels were like a cabaret band after the tatts riped the stage up they had no chance,poor angels if u all unite together might get it together one day ......go the mighty tatts...

annette    02 November 2008 14:53
WOW 5 more sleeps to go before I see the best aussie band ever.........Im excited!!!!

The Gapster    02 November 2008 08:15
Top gig last nite @ selinas good 2 cya again the ears are still ringn lets see more off you in the future.

Cheers Boys

tracee    01 November 2008 09:13
Hi Angry,have a great night tonight, and to all the lucky people fortunate enough to be going to Selinas to watch the best band ever .(WE WANT PHOTOS, LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS)

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