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TASH    31 August 2009 19:35
It's awesome you guys are touring and coming to Rockhampton to put on a show. I live three hours away but I will definately be there to see a true australian rock band. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.

bramwell    27 August 2009 06:56
g'day fellas, just wanted to say a big thank you for a couple of things. fistly i'd like to say cheers for keeping things going after so much strife. you're a true testament to australian pride and guts. secondly i'd like to say a massive thanks for doin southern stars for us at the last show at the croxton park hotel in melbourne. truly a mighty song amongst a myriad of fuckin mighty songs and lastly i would like to say a sincere thank you for the southern cross flag you gave to me at that same gig! it has been framed and holds a position of pride in my home. keep it up fellas, last of the true rock & roll outlaws!!

petter baarli    27 August 2009 03:05
hello rob!!!
hope you,re alright.
have a beer on me !! (i had the best time of my life
with you in germany !! )
all the best from oslo and the girls!!

Ieva    25 August 2009 03:01
Love Your music since the first time I heard it. It would be awesome if You come to play in Lithuania. We really need music like Yours in here.

julie butterworth    17 August 2009 00:32
Hi Mick, My friend and i went to sydney for the Enmore show and you looked so happy, show was brilliant, and hope you are doing well,
love julesxx
irish catholic

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