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Danny Heifetz    04 June 2008 14:47
Johnny you so fully sick bro gnarly filf pog fury rock n roll choice as .
cheer up[everybody loveth you) this is der peanut circus bad boy 4 luuurve , R.I.P. Daddy

Elias    01 June 2008 03:25
Afte eight hours correcting exams, listening to Rose Tattoo is what I need, ROCK AND ROLL! Please, don't ever stop playing! Thanks!

al    29 May 2008 00:32
i was right next you u had fun tryin to bulli the blonde lady next to you and tryin to start a fight we dont need people like you at concert saty home and control your drinking problem

dave    28 May 2008 11:44
RE: jerose63

& we were right next to you... fun huh?

jerose63    27 May 2008 15:39
angry...took my youngest daughter to her first tatts show at terrigal friday night she had a ball right up the front up on the bar head banging away it was great been following ya's for 32yrs you's are still the best

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