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julie steer    25 April 2010 17:43
angry, been goin to contact u 4 so many years,i am the lady that holds up the dallas royal banner,when u r in the west,dallas DIGGER royal is my cousin,our mums r sister,s,i suppose i have feared rejectionthere 4 never contacting u,but a friend of mine,an your,s has convinced me to contact u, his name is,johnny ryder,a bace player,who was also very close 2 digger,way back when,johnny played in a band called mayer in 1978,i suppose i just miss that old aussie pub rock,that rose tattoo acdc an the angels played so well,do hope to hear from u,an next time u see the dallas royal banner,it will mean more 2 the both of us.

Resi    06 April 2010 07:37
Im glad to see, that you keep the rose tattoo train rolling! RnR will never die! Hope to see you back in Hamburg soon!


george knowles    29 March 2010 01:41
r,i,p, mick cocks from george knowles ex DE SOTO with the late Peter Wells and lucy De Soto.

CLINTON MACKAY    22 March 2010 21:32
Just read the tragic news,deeply shocked,word's just can't describe my emotion's,condolence's,to Mick's family,freind's,and the band,Clinton

Nono    17 February 2010 18:22
Hi Dudes !

I've just happened this sad news about Mick death ...

Sincere condolences ...


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