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Bella    20 May 2008 10:55
Hey Angry you are a true Aussie legend both in your music and community service. Great new album, when will you be doing gigs in melbourne. Love what you do..

Fitz    17 May 2008 23:30
Boys, when the hell did the Lithgow gig get canceled. Just spent 3 hours driving up there and back. Will have to drive for a few hours again next week to try to catch you up or down the coast.

janine    15 May 2008 13:46
I need a Tatt fix, its been far too long. Is there a way to get an email or something as to when and where they are playing around sydney for the future. I cant go to Revesby tomorrow nite and am very sad.

Domenic Vitanza    14 May 2008 05:09
Rose Tattoo is great old fashioned Aussie Rock at its finest. Its AC/DC on heroin!
Rose Tattoo never ever got their true dues! These guys blasted in your face hard rock whether you liked it or not. (2) of the original band members have passed on and thats ashame but Angry Anderson and the boys continue on with the march!
The Butcher and Fast Eddie Forever!!!

joy    11 May 2008 17:19
Hiya angry, i remember when you first came to sydney and you stayed with me and my boyfriend - double story federation place with whatshername upstairs and us downstairs. long time between drinks. enjoy your tour. cheers Joy

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