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dave    21 November 2008 08:45
fantastic show (This is your life) some more items from the early days would have been good, but we can't have everything? It should have gone for 2 hours

Steve Beves (Bevo)    20 November 2008 21:01
Hi Angry and Da Boyz,
Watched "This is your life" and was so wraped to see you all, I missed out on the Sydney gig due too low funds but will catch the next one for sure.
Just would like to say that I have been a fan from the very early 80s, I got signed CDs from Pete and Angry over the years from the gig's i got too,even got the book I have of your biography Signed but have never met the man I have always admired. I got close a few times but never got the privilege,im 43 now and just hope I can one day get to shake the hand that has ROCKED my life. I Thank you all for the good times and may there be many more to come until we drop. ROCK "N" ROLL!!!!!

Shane O'Leary    20 November 2008 19:55
Well! What a great showing of Angry on the This I YourLife Program on TV tonight. Now I'm gonna have to stay up all night and practice playing my Tatts covers!

annette    07 November 2008 19:50
Yeah just got an email from Ticketek. Hope you get better soon Angry, but I must say I am soooooooooo guttered. Have been waiting soooooooooooo long to see you guys again. Hope you will one day come back to Ballarat :(

Mark Sewell    07 November 2008 12:08
Heard the tatts are a no show for the 2 melbourne gigs tonight & tomorrow night due to angry being crook. Anyone else confirm this. Hopefully the boys canm put on a couple of other melbourne shows for us

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