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Bette Streep    27 March 2011 10:26
Great work Angry!

gotta get rid of all the Labour and Greens out of office and get Tony in to restore our country back to the good old days!


john    26 March 2011 13:02
Good on you Angry
power to the people
April 2nd Hyde park
I'll be there
We Cant be Beaten

whatever    24 March 2011 22:11
leave your political whining off here; lets rock!

Adam Spencer    24 March 2011 16:18
I was DISGUSTED with the protests that Angry was a part of yesterday!

He and his far right racist rabble reminded me of Sarah Palin and her Teabagger mob!

Holding up signs demanding that someone set our PM on fire made me sick to my stomach.

And seriously Angry - you are protesting a tax there are no details of!!!

And what part of there will be generous tax concessions for the poor and middle class that you don't like?

I'm seeing ZZ Top in concert - but I sure am not going to get there to witness you spew your hateful rightwing racist bile!

You sir are a disgusting piece of shit!

Lachlan grant    24 March 2011 14:42
Angry, what where you doing yesterday. I'm on a very low income and I'm for the carbon tax. My lecky bills going up already at least with the tax the money might go to something useful instead of funding the retirement of baby boomers from the big end of town. One last point did you know that Hanson, Abbott and the League of rights where going to be there yesterday ?

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