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Blood Brothers
Special Edition + DVD


Hamburg 12
Hamburg 12
Bang Your Head 2001 2
Bang Your Head 2001 2
Aschaffenburg  2001 8
Aschaffenburg 2001 8
Pratteln 12
Pratteln 12
RIP_2008 3
RIP_2008 3
Moscow 2007 14
Moscow 2007 14


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Peter B    19 March 2011 09:59
when are the tatts going to tour the USA again? Grew up with 'em in Melbourne during my youth.

Come on down to Boulder, CO, USA.

Love you guys. Fu**&in' great crowd here!!

daverock    08 March 2011 00:30
I really wanna know if the Tatts are going to tour Europe (and particulary in Belgium)in the next future.
I've got the Special Tour Edition of Blood Brothers and so, the bonus dvd. Angry told us about a book, a dvd and a new record which would be more bluesy. It was 3 years ago ...
Please do it all again. Soon, it will be too late for you as for me. We are not eternal !
Please give us some informations about the future in the News (or just for me by e-mail).
Thanks! I DO LOVE YOU!

mathers    03 March 2011 13:55
good site!

Griffo    26 February 2011 10:11
Late Friday night !! UK tour? Scarred for life on iPod after debate with mrs!!

Gabriel Cirillo    25 February 2011 13:00
Will you ever be back for a tour in Europe. Me and my friends are waiting for you in Stuttgart.

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