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Blood Brothers
Special Edition + DVD


Pratteln 2002 27
Pratteln 2002 27
Hamburg 18
Hamburg 18
AussieRock 22
AussieRock 22
Stuttgart 10
Stuttgart 10
Cologne 115
Cologne 115
Kiel 21
Kiel 21


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Italy    29 June 2008 18:45
Rose Tattoo fucking greatest..the best band in italian gods of metal!
Thanks and I hope see you again in Italy!!!

Juhani    28 June 2008 07:29
Just read on Blabbermouth about the "lost" 1980 Tatts album. Anyone got any information on it's possible release? Would surely appreciate.

fjelly fjelly    27 June 2008 16:06
I read in paper:
Rose Tattoo is coming to nearby town.
I loaded camera with 2*512M,
and myself with beer.
Too much.
I admit: I got drunk.
Check result:
"Fat Boy For Love".
fjelly0 on YouTube

riccardo    26 June 2008 02:26
http://rose tattoo
Rose Tattoo in Italy Gods of metal this week.
My dream will realize!!!

Paddy Campbell    25 June 2008 02:24
Bought myself a copy of the tour edition version of the Blood Brothers album and it's top notch. A brilliant collection of songs on the cd but, apart from that, the bonus dvd of the 2006 Wacken show coupled with the Tatts TV interview section make this a total "must have" for any fan of 100% rock 'n' fuckin' roll!!! Cheers boys! TATTS 4 EVER. oi! oi! oi!

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