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Blood Brothers
Special Edition + DVD


Aracia 8
Aracia 8
Aschaffenburg  2001 10
Aschaffenburg 2001 10
Pratteln 20
Pratteln 20
Sydney2007 21
Sydney2007 21
Pete Wells Benefit - Sydney 83
Pete Wells Benefit - Sydney 83
Pratteln 2002 9
Pratteln 2002 9


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joeri    07 March 2008 02:23
See you guys at the front row at Graspop Metal Meeting!
Like the guy onder me already said: you better play in a small venue to create a better atmosphere here.
Keep on rockin'

daverock    04 March 2008 01:13
Hail to rock'n'roll kings,
It's so great that you will come to us in Belgium. But,please,please,please, if you want to rock your fans, do it properly by doing one more date in a small venue. A true Tatts'fan wants a full Tatts' gig. I want to greet you again.
I'm yours faithfully,

Pato    02 March 2008 14:58
Tatts you guys NAILED IT with the Blood Brother album - bloody fantastic. Come and play up in Tamworth eh? It's been too long since I seen ya's live. Hopefully many more albums to come from ya's!

Andrew Nelson    28 February 2008 16:02
Angry, how about you and the Tats comming over to the States, there's a lot of us expats who would who would love to see Rose Tattoo in concert. We have Two big Aussie Festivals here each year and get lots of talented Aussie artists performing....but no rockers..we need Rose Tattoo!.Was just watching you blokes doing Black Eyed Bruiser on You Tube, you blokes make me proud to be Aussie (and homesick)

Hannes    28 February 2008 02:00
First time i can see you guys live.
Canīt wait until Rock im Park and Munich!

Thanks very much!

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