Rose Tattoo returns on Blood Brothers 2018 Tour


Rock N’ Roll outlaws, Rose Tattoo are proud to announce their Blood Brothers 2018 tour, the first in over eight years. Inspired by a special invitation to Bang Your Head Festival, Germany back in July of this year, the fans requests for ‘another tour’ and the ‘never say never again’ spirit, Angry has “assembled the finest bunch of rogues, worthy of wearing the colours” for this run.

Rose Tattoo’s assault comprises legendary bass player extraordinaire, Mark Evans of AC/DC fame, iconic guitarist Bob Spencer – The Angels & Skyhooks, the keeper of time, John ‘Watto’ Watson, Australian Crawl, Pete Well’s endorsed Dai Pritchard on slide and the quintessential front-man, the indomitable Angry Anderson.

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First Festival shows in Europe announced Tor 2018!

The Tatts will be back in Europe 2018
June 7 Sweden Rock Festival, SEE
June 10 Rockavaria, Munich, GER
June 23 Matapaloz, Leipzig, GER
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The Tatts are back!

The wise amongst us have always said ”never say never” so with the spirit of that in mind..’here we go again!’.
I’m very excited to be going out again as Rose Tattoo to tour with the Angels, the mighty Mi Sex and The Hitmen. Just like the ‘Good ole Days! ..this tour will go off like a frog in a sock, 100% adrenalin fueled Aussie rock ‘n’ fucking roll, played in the traditional Aussie way with passion and total commitment to the moment.

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